Upcycling jewellery | Creating you dream piece

March 2019
Upcycling old jewellery - the new trend
Upcycling old jewellery - the new trend

Here's an idea for a rewarding use of your old jewellery.

Almost all of us have some broken or frankly unwearable bits of jewellery lurking at the bottom of a box or drawer at home. How about going through your treasures and gathering all the bits of broken chain, rings that are too small and ugly earrings together into a pile for UPCYCLING?

Upcycling jewellery - the new trend

We love turning old pieces, many of which still have intrinsic value, into new and wearable jewellery. We work with our extremely talented team of small business artist-goldsmiths and can design and manufacture almost anything your heart has always desired.

The idea is to turn your dreamed-of piece into a modern, wearable design.

Here is a piece we designed and delivered just before lockdown. The happy customer says she has already worn it several times - even if, for now, it is only being seen by her husband and the dogs!

We had just enough scrap metal to make a 100cm 14ct gold necklace, and now she has all her gemstones, collected over the years, in one lovely piece.

Let us create something spectacular for you. Call us on +27 11 268 2011.