Snippet | Truly Bespoke

Truly Bespoke

  • /bi speuk/
  • - made for a particular customer

Our bespoke commissions are made using completely new gems and metals, or with elements from old jewellery which is damaged or no longer being worn.

The designs draw inspiration from the wants, personality and lifestyles of our customer – sometimes classic in design, perhaps quirky or even outrageous, but always original.

Josephine’s collection of jewellery, featured here, was created from her own pieces, to mark a new direction in her life. Take a look………

Have you always wanted to have something made just for you?

Maybe you have jewellery which you are no longer wearing? We delight in finding the value and beauty in old pieces and remodelling them.

And if you are wanting a brand new piece to mark a special occasion, we could design something with your choice of gems and precious metals to tell your story.