My white gold diamond ring has become dull and grey

July 2011
White gold diamond rings have become dull and grey
White gold diamond rings have become dull and grey

I am sorry that your ring is no longer bringing you joy.  But, in all likelihood,  the problem is easily resolved and your husband was not crooked!

There is a simple technical explanation for the problem.  “White” gold is made of gold, which is bright yellow in colour, alloyed (mixed) with other metals, including Palladium, a “white” metal which masks the yellow colour of gold.  The difficulty lies in the fact that even though this gold is termed “White”, it is in fact a yellowish-grey.  When this white gold is used in jewellery, it is normally Rhodium-plated, which gives it a bright finish.  Rhodium-plating is an accepted enhancement throughout the world.

General wear and tear is likely to have caused the Rhodium to wear off.

I suggest that you take your ring to a reputable jeweller, who can firstly confirm that it is in fact 18ct, and then Rhodium-plate it again for you – it will look as good as new.  Good luck – let me know what happens!

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