- for ever and for always

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Launched 25th April 2022

Diamonds – for ever and for always...

Diamonds really are for ever and for always! Once you are lucky enough to own one, it will last you a lifetime, and beyond - bringing joy to those to whom you might pass it on!

Diamonds – the perfect symbol of eternity – beautiful, mysterious and virtually indestructible. The ultimate token of enduring love.

We have created many specially commissioned Diamond engagement rings, with prices ranging from quite modest to really rather lavish! Whatever the brief, we take note of the customer’s needs and budget and create a unique ring for the new couple. Our engagement rings are made using stones which are specially purchased, or by working with family heirlooms.

We are renowned for our “new look for old diamonds” service. We call these remodelled rings THE HAPPILY EVER AFTERS – as they are designed to suit the lifestyle of today, and make use of the metals and diamonds in a customer’s own jewellery, which needs a new look.

Our ardour for diamonds never cools! We are ever on the lookout for new ideas of for jewellery featuring diamonds – our very first collection of diamond-only jewellery was called “Down to Earth Diamonds” – and featured formally facetted natural diamonds which were off the grading scale! It was really rather adventurous and caused quite a stir in 2008!

We carry a stock of pieces just waiting to find their perfect new home. Featured below are some of the pieces we currently have in stock.

Featured diamond jewellery in stock...