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Launched 25th April 2022

Happily Ever After – second time around!

We love the phone call which starts with “I have an old ring which I would like to have remodelled”.

These become what we fondly call our “Happily Ever Afters” - specifically designed to re-use stones and metals from jewellery that is no longer being worn.

Mostly they feature diamonds. In all shapes, sizes and colours – from the biggest and best to the more humble and interesting versions – each has a special beauty. And gives meaning to the old saying that diamonds are forever!

Perhaps it’s an engagement ring that needs a bit more oomph, or something up-to-date from an assortment of bits and pieces from the jewellery box - or a memento of a beloved granny. Maybe a single stone with an interesting story which is crying out to be put to work.

These pieces are often made to mark a major event – perhaps to celebrate a son or daughter’s wedding or the arrival of a grandchild. And sometimes just because one wants something new!

Nothing quite beats taking old unworn jewellery and “upcycling” it!

We have been told that we offer the best bespoke service in town! We are very proud of that, and take great joy in creating the perfect piece for the occasion. Call us to chat about your special piece.

Happily Ever After rings from the VAJ Archives...