I am to be married in December

October 2011

My Question:

My wedding day is in December and I have chosen to wear a fashionable hairclip or fascinator, but it is made with diamante. My mother-in-law has expressed her disapproval saying that no-one in the history of her family weddings has worn fake diamonds.

The trouble is I really like the fascinator (very Kate Middleton) and want to wear it, without displeasing my mother-in-law. She hasn't yet offered to buy me a fascinator with real diamonds, mind you.... What do I do?

Bling Bride, Nelspruit

Dear Blinging,

Yes, that could be a cause for problems While I know that you like the fascinator you have chosen for the big day, I would probably agree with your mother-in-law and aim to find something with real diamonds!

There are so very many pretty things to wear in your hair with your veil. First prize would be the family heirloom Tiara (!), but in reality this might not be an option, unless you really were Kate Middleton. If your fiance's mother feels so strongly about the issue, there must be some family jewells lying around. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she could have a special hairpiece made for you using silver and perhaps some pearls. Maybe we can design something special for you, which can become your own heirloom. Have a look at these two ideas - they are from the 2011 Angloplat competition - winners to be announced in October, so this is a sneak preview.

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