Statement Necklaces

- a splendid item of adornment!

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Launched 21st September 2021

The Statement Necklace - a splendid item of adornment!

Never underestimate the impact of a well-chosen jewel! Whether you are off to a board meeting, dining alfresco on a warm summer evening or meeting a friend for lunch, your jewelllery sets the tone. It says it for you – you don’t have to utter a word!

And the most powerful piece of jewellery? The necklace.

A delicate chain with a dangling diamond, or with little charms representing the events and people in your life? A river of coloured gemstones? A no-nonsense chain? A quirky mixture of gems and metal?

Have fun making that unspoken statement!

Browse through some of our favourites, shown here. Or contact us to chat about designing your very personal statement?