Time Travel - 2022!

Indulge your jewellery fantasies

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Launched - November 2022

2022 - Time Travel – A brand new collection of handmade jewellery - inspired by the skill and craftsmanship of past masters.

Imagine travelling back in time to enjoy a very unusual shopping spree?

This idea really appealed to us and led us to delve into jewels from bygone times.

We commissioned 6 leading South African artist/jewellers to design 24 pieces which pay tribute to the styles of 6 distinctive periods. We are proud to present these in our 2022 Time Travel Advent Calendar.

Fancy taking this journey through time?

Popping into a jewellery workshop in the streets of ancient Athens or Rome? Experiencing the light and colour of the Renaissance? Perhaps walking along Regent Street in 1800? Or being given a love token during Queen Victoria’s reign? Maybe enjoying the elegance of The Edwardian era? Or being in Carnaby Street in the 1960’s??

We hope that you enjoy this nostalgic trip into the glorious past of jewellery!

And that one piece finds a place under your Christmas tree!