The Cost of Diamond Ring Remodelling

The Smart Solution for Unworn Diamonds: Affordable Ring Remodelling to Match Your Taste

Hi – I’m Roni! And I would like to tell you about how rewarding it is to remodel a diamond ring.

Diamond Ring Remodelling wedding ring

A classic design for this engagement ring - for a young woman who values simplicity elegance and tradition.

Diamond Ring Remodelling wedding bands

And the “his and hers” wedding bands – handmade to meet their specific taste!

The story about a young couple with heirloom jewellery remodelled for their wedding in April this year.
Read the full story below  .

That diamond ring you never wear

Have you ever experienced that moment when you are rummaging through your jewellery box, and there is the diamond ring which you never wear? Perhaps a treasured heirloom, or your own ring which no longer suits you? Something that you would never get rid of because of its sentimental value?

The best thing that you can do is to give it new life.

Remodelling is a savvy way to update a cherished piece, change the style to match your current taste, or even use stones from other pieces in your jewellery box that you have never really known what to do with. It’s a wonderful way of keeping treasured memories — with a fresh new look. And this doesn’t have to break the bank.

How much should you budget?

Remodelling is always more affordable than starting from scratch. Reusing your existing gems and precious metals goes a long way towards keeping the price manageable. In some instances, you would only have to pay for the labour.

We always ask our customers what else they have in the way of bits and pieces – broken chains, single earrings, an old brooch? You can save a good deal of money by exploring your box of old treasures!

Prices can range from a few hundred to a few thousand. There are many options regarding what materials to choose.

To determine the cost of remodelling, we consider the following factors:

  1. Design – are the changes simple or a total transformation?
  2. Material costs – will we add more gems and metal?
  3. Craftsmanship – which of our team of skilled jewellers will create the perfect piece for you?
Should you make an appointment?

We can set up an appointment to talk about what you are wanting to achieve, and we will assess your existing pieces at no charge to you.

We are located in Bryanston, Johannesburg.
Please call me for a preliminary chat and then let’s meet!
My number is  082-881-0359.

A story to tell

Here is a lovely remodelling story that from a few months ago...

A young couple came in with an enquiry about remodelling.
They brought with them a solitaire diamond ring inherited from the bride-to-be’s grandmother and a gold ring from the groom’s mother, set with lots of small diamonds.

Our solution?
We removed the single diamond and set it in a very simple gold setting which suited the bride’s taste and style. A one-of-a kind engagement ring that pays homage to her grandmother and his mother while perfectly suiting personal style.
And by adding just a few grams of gold, we also made the wedding bands for the bride and groom.

The smaller diamonds have been carefully set aside, ready to be made into a ring to celebrate an occasion to come.

This is the perfect story – a modest outlay of money and a very wise use of existing jewellery!

Endless possibilities

This is just one example of the magic of diamond ring remodelling. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. Current trends we are seeing? Vintage revivals, mixed metals, and a splash of colourful gemstones for added personality.

Transform Your Ring!

Give your ring a modern update and a design that reflects you and your personality. If you value personal service, give us a call and let's get started!

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