Birthstone Jewellery - Some Fresh Ideas

Gemstones – wonderful gifts from Mother Nature. Prized for their beauty, diversity, rarity and value – and steeped in myth and mystery. They have been worn to bring good fortune, to ward off evil, to enhance one’s authority. And to show off great wealth!

This article looks at gemstones and your birth month, otherwise known as 'Birthstone Jewellery'. We suggest how to get started with creating your own unique Birthstone Jewellery, and profile some special pieces that we have made. We hope they inspire you. Enjoy!

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Getting started with your Birthstone Jewellery

Every gemstone is attributed with having a vast range of powers and influence...

The most well-known are birthstone symbols - with each month of the year being represented by a particular stone. Reflecting the outstanding personality traits of those born in a specific month! Rather like a secret language!

Choose a single stone as a gift for someone special, or put together a collection of family birthstones...

Our one-off birthstone pieces offer a thoughtful gift, combining the uniqueness of the gem and the individuality of your loved one. Made in the precious metal of your choice - sterling silver, yellow, white or rose gold or platinum.

The design - an exclusive interpretation by one of our top South African artist/jewellers.

The finished piece – jewellery that is unique, beautiful, a joy to wear – and which carries special meaning.

A winning combination!

We have put together some ideas and designs. We hope they inspire you.

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Birthstone Family Necklace

The Birthstone family necklace is a wonderful example of diversity in design and concept.

The three stones, Yellow Sapphire (September), Peridot (August) and Aquamarine (March), represent the birth months of three adorable grand children.

The stones are set in Sterling silver and, the chain accented with Yellow gold.

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Tourmaline Birthstone Pendant and Bracelet

Here, we showcase the beauty and versatility of Tourmaline – one of the two choices for birthstone for October, the other being Opal. The exquisite, charming flower pendant is a joyful piece to wear. Colours and size can be varied, making it an ideal gift.

The Tourmaline bracelet showcases the diverse colour range of this popular gem. Greens, pinks, reds, blues and multicolour of Watermelon Tourmaline.

While these pieces use the birthstone for October, the designs are well suited for other multicoloured gems such Garnets (January) or Sapphires (September).

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Birthstone Stacking Rings

Birthstone Stacking Rings are a simple, beautiful way of cherishing your loved ones.

How do Stacking Rings work?

The concept is simple.

Each birthstone ring is set with the gemstone of one special person in your life or family.

The rings are specially designed to be worn ‘stacked up’ against each other.

Diamond, Amethyst, Topaz birthstone stacking ring
Pink Tourmaline, Emerald, Tanzanite birthstone stacking ring
Sapphire, Peridot, Aquamarine, Garnet, Moon stone birthstone stacking ring

Stacking rings, worn as one, create a delightful and unique piece of jewellery.

Choose the birthstones of your family, yourself, your partner... and add more as your family grows.

Where do you start?

The first thing to do is to give us a call. Or click the 'Let's Talk' button below.

We will have a quick chat to find out what you are wanting and will design your rings specially for you.

All our jewellery is handmade by top South African goldsmiths and jewellery designers. We are told we offer ‘The best bespoke service in town’.

Your next step....

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