Birthstone Jewellery - July | Ruby

- intensely red, durable and versatile
Birthstone Jewellery - July Ruby | Ring with pearl

A handmade Sterling Silver,
Rubies and Tahitian Pearl RING.

Birthstone jewellery - July  Ruby | ring

A handmade Sterling Silver, Rubies and Tahitian Pearl RING.

July Ruby

Ruby is a member of the corundum family, and is one of the “Big Three” of precious gemstones, together with sapphire and emerald.

The intense red of rubies, added to their durability and versatility, contribute to their popularity.

The most highly prized rubies come from Burma, and famously were traded along the historic Silk Road, linking the East to West.

Poetic descriptions of the ruby red include pomegranate, sunset and pigeon’s blood – and every other shade of the stone is judged against these iconic colours. While the gem quality, translucent ruby can have eye-watering price tags. Today you can buy opaque ruby is a variety of cuts. These have rutile inclusions, which obstruct some of the light seen through the stone. They are charming and give one access to the lovely colour of rubies at affordable prices, and are ideal for design jewellery.

Below are a few items that show off this iconic birthstone.

Birthstone July | Ruby ring

A handmade Oxidised and
Polished Sterling Silver and
Natural Ruby 'Spiral' RING.

Birthstone July | fancy Ruby ring

A handmade Sterling Silver
and 9ct Yellow Gold RING
set with Ruby.

Birthstone July | fancy Ruby earrings

A Pair of handmade
Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold,
Pink Sapphire, Tourmaline, Rhodalite and

Birthstone July | fancy Ruby necklace

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