Birthstone Jewellery - February | Amethyst

- exciting purples, greens and pinks
Birthstone jewellery - February Amethyst | Gold Ring

A handmade Sterling Silver
RING set with
Oval Amethyst.

Amethyst birthstone jewellery ring

A handmade Sterling Silver RING set with Oval Amethyst.

February Amethyst

If you asked your Grandmother what the colour of amethyst is, she wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that it is purple.

Think of the ring you would kiss if you were to meet the Bishop! A very regal stone, highly prized and rare in days gone by.

But today it is more readily accessible – and the good news is that it is available in different colours.

Amethyst is a member of the Quartz family. Included in this rather large group of stones are citrines, rose quartz, rock crystal and even tiger’s eye!

In modern day gemological circles, two other versions of quartz are accepted as types of amethyst – these are a beautiful pale apple green, known as green amethyst or Praisiolite, and also a very soft lilac-pink colour, called pink amethyst or Rose de France.

Below are a few items that show off this amazing birthstone.

Green amethyst necklace

A handmade Sterling Silver,
18ct Yellow Gold, Natural Zircon
and Green Amethyst NECKLACE.

Amethyst ring

A handmade Sterling Silver
RING set with
Round Facetted Rose de France.

Amethyst necklace

A handmade Sterling Silver and
18ct Yellow Gold NECKLACE
with Talpe Amethysts.

Amethyst earrings

A Pair of handmade Sterling Silver
and 18ct Yellow Gold "Suffragette"
DROP EARRINGS with Rose de France,
Peridot and Freshwater Pearl.

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