Birthstone Jewellery - December | Turquoise

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Birthstone Jewellery - December Turquoise | Earrings
Birthstone Jewellery - December Turquoise | Earrings

December Turquoise

Turquoise is a blue to green mineral that is the result of acidic groundwater seeping into the earth and reacting with phosphorus and aluminium to create this beautiful mineral compound which is very valuable in the finer grades.

The name dates back to the 17th century and is derived from the French word turquois meaning “Turkish” because the mineral was brought to France through Turkey, from mines in Persia.

It is found in arid regions around the world in varying grades of fineness and value.

Turquoise can carry very high prices – depending on its colour – the purer and more uniform colours are rare and therefore expensive. One can also find more mottled material, which has more inclusions, and which are more affordable, and which has its own charm.

Until the marketing teams really got their teeth into Tanzanites, this was the birthstone for December. We think it still deserves its place in the birth calendar! This versatile, opaque stone perfectly expresses the joy of summer!

Below are a few items that show off this versatile birthstone.

Birthstone jewellery - December Turquoise | ring
Birthstone jewellery - December Turquoise | earrings
Birthstone jewellery - December Turquoise | earrings
Birthstone jewellery - December Turquoise | necklace

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